Why the Digital Nomad Lifestyle Is on the Rise?

With growing technology and people from all over the world just one click away, it makes sense when the conventional 9-5 job routine is challenged. In recent times, there has been a rise in the Digital Nomad lifestyle. With this lifestyle, you can work remotely, which provides you with an opportunity to travel to different cities or even countries. It is quite different from how things were done beforehand and so might seem unreliable to the older generations, but people have actually been living pleasant lives thanks to it. 

However, why is the Digital Nomad lifestyle on a rise? We have combined a list of its positive attributes that all contribute towards its popularity.  

Advancement in Technology 

The rise of the internet and mobile devices have made it possible to work from almost anywhere in the world. With tools like cloud-based collaboration software, video conferencing, and instant messaging, remote work is now more feasible than ever before. Since a lot of jobs require making use of technology anyway, many firms have adapted to the ‚Äėwork-from-home‚Äô setup. In fact, it is often seen as a step up as it shows not only the company‚Äôs dedication to understanding its employees‚Äô needs but also keeping up with the changing trends.¬†


Many people are looking for a more flexible lifestyle that allows them to travel, work on their own terms, and pursue their passions. Digital nomads have the freedom to work from anywhere and set their own schedules, making it easier to balance work and personal life. In fact, a recent Qualtric Report shows that 80 percent of employees looking for a new job are looking for a job that allows them to work from anywhere. This percentage has only increased since Covid-19 because people have grown accustomed to such a lifestyle and have started prioritising their comfort. 

Lower Cost of Living 

For some digital nomads, the ability to live and work from low-cost locations is a major draw. By living in countries with lower living costs, digital nomads can stretch their budgets and enjoy a higher standard of living. This allows them to not only explore different places but also not have financial problems as a hindrance. If you are being paid in US dollars, for example, it would be quite convenient for you to practise your nomad lifestyle in countries where that currency is going to promise you a good life. 


With the rise of digital nomadism, there has also been a rise in digital nomad communities. This allows digital nomads to connect with like-minded individuals, network, and share resources. In the past, people who wanted to travel and not fall short of cash would have been considered daydreamers. Many people might not have chosen this lifestyle in the fear of not being able to live off of it. However, with people sharing similar experiences and dreams, it has become easier for individuals to step out of their comfort bubbles and try the Digital Nomad Lifestyle, something that they have always thought about. The following statistics from MBO Partners’ 2020 State of Independence research study show just how many people have opted for a Digital Nomad lifestyle in the past years.¬†

MBO Partners. (2020). COVID-19 and the Rise of the Digital Nomad. Retrieved March 6, 2023. 


As companies become more global, the need for remote workers has increased. Digital nomads can work for companies based anywhere in the world, allowing them to access a wider range of job opportunities. It also increases diversity in the companies, which gives them a good outlook so more and more companies have been seeking such Digital nomads as employees. Another positive outcome of it is the generation of new ideas that people coming from different backgrounds can share and collaborate on. 

Digital Nomads Of Citlali

At Citlali, we’ve embraced the digital nomad lifestyle and built a team of diverse experts from all around the world. By promoting this model, we’re able to assemble a top-notch team who can work from the place where they feel most comfortable and productive. We’re proud of our unique approach to digital marketing, and we’re always eager to share more about our team and what we do. To learn more about us and what we can offer your business, visit our website at We look forward to connecting with you!